Recreational Vehicle Insurance

For RV-ers, it’s not about the destination, but the journey. You’ve worked long and hard to purchase your treasured RV, and now you deserve to enjoy every second you’re on the road - without having to worry about financial loss due to an accident. Whether you’re cruising the country for only a few months a year, are a full-timer or a snowbird, First Patriot Inc Insurance Agency has the Recreation Vehicle Insurance for you.

First Patriot Inc Insurance Agency offers several types of Recreational Vehicle Insurance to protect your lifestyle. We offer Liability Insurance that can cover damages you inadvertently inflict to other vehicles or people in an accident; Property Coverage that can provide financial compensation in the instance of theft, collision or vandalism to your RV; Specialized Coverage that can compensate you for the loss or damage of custom equipment, personal items and awnings.

Live the dream of the RV-er. Whether you’re driving across the sprawling deserts of Nevada, the great plains of Oklahoma, or the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, experience the RV lifestyle with no reservations. Protect your dream with First Patriot Inc Insurance Agency’s Recreational Vehicle Insurance.

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