Flood Insurance

Not only are floods one of the most common natural disasters in the US, they’re also one of the most expensive - costing Americans millions of dollars each year. As little as an inch of flood water in your home or business can cause tremendous damage, compromising its structure and potentially even causing health problems if the water isn’t properly removed. While some areas of the US are more prone to flooding than others, no region is completely immune. So if you want to ensure your home or business is 100% protected, First Patriot Inc Insurance Agency’s Flood Insurance just makes sense. Our policy covers both the structure of your home and your personal property in the event of a flood.

It’s important to note that federal law requires that homes in certain regions of the country, that are more prone to flooding, to be covered by flood insurance. And in most circumstances, there is a 30 day waiting period before your flood insurance policy goes into effect. If you, however, are not required by law, First Patriot Inc Insurance Agency’s Flood Insurance can still provide much needed peace of mind. The average amount of damage caused by a flood is $38,000. Can you or your business withstand that kind of loss?

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