Dental Insurance

When it comes to taking care of our teeth, we all know the importance of brushing and flossing but there are other protective measures you can put in place to ensure that you, your family and even your employees always have a nice even set of pearly whites.

But some treatments are more expensive than a tube of toothpaste, and even getting a regular check up can cost over $300 per year for most people. When you need restorative dental procedures or cosmetic dentistry prices go sky high costing thousands of dollars.

First Patriot Inc Insurance Agency 's dental plans help offset these costs and stop you worrying that you won't have the money to cover much needed dental care. We can put together a flexible plan that meets the needs of your family or workforce and you have a range of options as to whether you want to play flat fees or opt for specific coverage. For your premium you will be entitled to checkups, cleanings and x-rays that ensure your teeth are healthy but we can also help with more comprehensive cover that includes oral surgery, implants or orthodontia. Come and talk to us about your needs.

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