Workers’ Compensation

While you likely make every effort to keep your job site safe, accidents happen. And when they do, Workers’ Compensation can be a business-saver. It prevents lawsuits against your business from the injured employee, avoids state fines that can skyrocket into the tens of thousands of dollars, and even keep you out of jail - as not having a Workers’ Compensation policy is a felony in some states. However, in almost every state, Workers’ Compensation insurance is required by law.

Whether the employee is injured at the office, the worksite or in a car accident while on business, First Patriot Inc Insurance Agency’s Workers’ Compensation provides medical care and compensation for lost earnings to employees injured while they’re on the clock. It doesn’t matter who was at fault for the accident, or the amount of time the employee needs to recover, our Workers’ Compensation policies provide payments to injured workers that supports their recovery and protects your business. Additionally it also covers job-related illnesses and provides death benefits to the dependents and spouse if your employee suffers a fatal accident on the job.

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