Commercial Auto Insurance

Without commercial vehicles, the modern world would grind to a halt. We may do our shopping online but it's still cars, vans and trucks that make most of the deliveries. We also have increasing numbers of taxis and limousines on our roads, thanks to phone apps apps such as Uber. And if you own a commercial business the chances are that you will have a vehicle to help with your day to day operations. Most local laws require that commercial vehicle owners have liability coverage on any commercial automobile, but there are other regulations that are different to those needed for private cars. First Patriot Inc Insurance Agency can ensure that you are covered to meet all relevant laws and regulations concerning your industry and that you have the protection you need.

If your employees are using their own cars to make deliveries, visit customers or simply run the occasional errand for your company, your business could be liable if they cause an accident. We can give you the protection liability, personal injury, comprehensive, and collision coverage and more - to keep your business on the road.

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