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If you get in a car accident without an auto insurance policy, the situation can quickly turn into a nightmare. Not only will you likely be in legal trouble, as car insurance is required by law in almost every state, but you may also be responsible for painfully expensive car repair and medical bills. Even worse, the consequences of an auto accident can linger on for months as you may have to deal with the other drivers, police and potentially lawyers…

First Patriot Inc Insurance Agency’s Automobile Insurance offers an alternative scenario that protects your financial security and peace of mind - every time you step behind the wheel. We provide property, medical, and liability coverage for your vehicle, which means we can protect you from financial loss due to lawsuits, car repairs and medical bills.

At First Patriot Inc Insurance Agency, we understand that Automobile Insurance can be a bit mind boggling for the average person. Between the premiums, deductibles and coverage options, it can feel like you’re navigating a maze of confusing choices that don’t make sense. That’s why our agents are happy to answer all your questions, and find a policy that’s just perfect for you.
And to ensure you get the best rate possible, First Patriot Inc Insurance Agency provides plenty of discounts. In fact, if you have a good driving record, are a homeowner or own multiple vehicles, you may be qualified for a discount already. Call us today to find out what discounts you qualify for!

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